A recent study done by German researchers demonstrates how allergies can be helped with acupuncture.  414 patients were selected to participate in this trial with patients being divided into 3 groups. Patients receiving Acupuncture, patients receiving Sham (or fake) Acupuncture, and a control group that received only antihistamines.

The whole study group participated during the height of the allergy season. Patients with allergies were instructed to take antihistamines as needed. The total number of days that they needed to receive medicine was recorded and something very interesting was discovered. It appears that patients that received acupuncture used far less medicine than the control group by almost half! That shows how effective the use of acupuncture as support for your allergies can be.

The groups broke down as follows: Patients receiving acupuncture used antihistamines on average for 9 days over the 3 month period.  The group receiving fake acupuncture used antihistamines for about 13.5 days. The control group used histamines for over 18 days.

This demonstrates also how a proper use of acupuncture in your medical care, reduces the need for medications. Want more information? Check out the study below! Need help with your allergies? Schedule an appointment today by clicking the link above!

Acupuncture Beats Antihistamines For Allergic Rhinitis