Gynecology in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a field that is often ignored by practitioners.  It’s not often that women will utilize the treatment protocols for TCM rather than see their physician for these concerns.  I have been practicing for over 17 years and in this time, I have found that there are often situations where women are more willing to utilize the skills of a TCM practitioner, especially if there are concerns by the patient regarding toxicity of medications, over-medication, ineffective medications or hypersensitivity to medications. For these reasons, I have built a very successful Women’s Health practice within my office.  These treatments utilize herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping and guasha for specific needs. The one thing I have noticed over these years is the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating pain associated with menstrual cycles.  It can be seen as almost miraculous when you watch the patient get off the treatment table from their treatment completely free from pain.  This article is just more proof that what we do is effective.  It shows that women who received regular treatments had less incidence of pain during their cycle. I have seen this type of response at WCAM over and over.  Whether the pain is from PCOS, ovarian cysts, or any other gynecological problem, acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment method for care. I hope you enjoy this article.