Who would have thought that massage really was effective for low back pain? Well, probably every one of our patients that comes to WCAM for massage! This is a great article by time that touts the clinically effective nature of massage therapy. Most people think of massage therapy as a nice thing to do once a year or as a gift for mom on Mother’s Day.  However most people fail to see the truly wonderful benefits that massage therapy does for the body.  Clinically, it has shown that human touch encourages the release of the feel good hormone serotonin.  This also makes the treatments highly effective once you combine the therapeutic techniques applied to the patient.  Well here is clinical proof that shows that your massage care is highly effective. 50% of these patients reported a clinically effective result, and 75% of those, reported that their pain continued to be resolved three months later! That is awesome news! What’s even better is the quality therapists at WCAM see our patients resolve these types of problems all the time! Check out this article, then call and schedule your massage today!