I am always searching the web looking for new and relevant news that discusses acupuncture, both good and bad. An interesting side note, its amazing how FEW studies show up on acupuncture not working.  But, that is a separate subject for another day.  Today I want to talk about how more and more studies show the credible use of acupuncture in serious university double blind studies.  A double blind study is the GOLD STANDARD for efficacy and prove without bias that something works or doesn’t work.  The most recent study was performed by the University of York in the United Kingdom.  This study shows the examination of over 29 studies covering 18,000 patients.  This is an incredible amount of data.  And the results are in.  Acupuncture works – but we already knew that.  What is interesting is that they show it to be highly effective for back and head pain (head aches) but also highly effective for depression.  Read this article and if you have questions, set up an appointment.  I know we can help!