It’s the flu season again!  It looks like trying to keep yourself healthy is going to be a little more difficult this year. Yes, you are going to have to take measures onto yourself to keep yourself healthy and not rely on the vaccination you received either by choice or by force. Remember that acupuncture and Chinese medicine will help you here! It looks like it is even more effective this year then even the mighty flu vaccine! The latest report shows that the current flu vaccine being used is only 10% effective against this seasons  influenza virus.

I am not opposed to vaccinations.  I believe that vaccinations can be an effective method for controlling the spread of virulent diseases.  However, I am a proponent for effective vaccines. This is not an effective vaccine. Yet, many nurses, and allied health professionals including hospital administrative employees will be forced to utilize a vaccine that is only 10% effective. It does make you wonder why people would pay for this, especially on an administrative level.  Would you pay a mechanic to repair your car if he was 10% effective at keeping your car running? Yet hospitals, as well as our government will.

On a side note, I am curious why it is reported as 10% effective when in reality, it is 90% INEFFECTIVE.  That means it is essentially a useless vaccine.  Now, I wonder if the FDA would allow a medication that is 10% effective in treating anything, like for example, any type of esophageal reflux disorder. We know they wouldn’t.  However, it is interesting that there are proponents of forced vaccinations for the treatment of disease, that will be unable to logically defend this one.

Chinese medicine can successfully treat many aspects of illness and has a 2000+ year history of treating these disorders. There are many herbal formulas and acupuncture treatments that help resolve these illnesses and can even cut the recovery time. My personal success rate for treating flu is very good.  The use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is an amazing solution to the question of how to take care of yourself and protect yourself from the upcoming flu season! If you need help, give us a call and set up your appointment!

Check out the article and I hope you enjoy it.