Here’s a study that shows that acupuncture is effective for treating insomnia.  Acupuncture was compared with a nonbenzodiazepine namely, zopiclone. It should be noted that zopiclone is not legal for use in the US. A similar medication is used in the US however in the form of, eszopiclone (brand name Lunesta). These drugs are very similar and are used in the same manner.

This study shows that acupuncture for insomnia is a viable alternative to medications.  It should be noted that even though a medication is similar, it does not mean that it is the same. So it is understandable that more research is needed. This study shows that acupuncture therapy helps to improve multiple factors of sleep quality, including the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. This is really just a validation for the use of acupuncture when treating insomnia, especially for individuals who have concerns with pharmaceuticals. There are some people who struggle with side effects of medications or do not prefer to deal with the latency of sleep aids.  Acupuncture should also be a part of your protocols for treating insomnia.

This is a rather dry read unless you enjoy hard scientific papers, but I found it interesting interesting.  I hope you enjoy it.

Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Insomnia Relief