The use of acupuncture as a therapy dates back thousands of years.  What most people do not realize is the fact that acupuncture as a system of medicine was used on animals as much as it was used on people.  Recently, I have been seeing more holistic approaches to animal health from veterinary offices including acupuncture.  This is a good thing as well. However, most people think of this as a new thing.  In regards to acupuncture, it is not. In ancient times, your animals were what kept you alive.  Weather they were used for labor such as horses pulling carts, or used for protection such as a guard dog, or even for simple maintenance things like a cat used to keep the mice populations down. The fact is that animals were integral to human development.  Well, in those ancient days, when animals were injured, they still needed medical care.  And to that, the local doctor would come to help.  Armed with his knowledge of acupuncture he would treat the “patient” the same way as he would his two legged ones.

Incidentally, I had to help a four legged patient a couple years ago.  One of my patients had contacted me and was very upset because her beloved Howie, a 19 year old poodle had inexplicably lost the use of his back legs.  It was sudden and immediate. When she talked it over with her veterinarian, it was suggested that Howie should be euthanized because of his age.  Upset, the person contacted me and asked me for help. She explained that although Howie cannot use his back legs, he was perfectly happy and content and was not suffering at all.  She begged me to take a look to see if I could do anything.  I decided to take a look at Howie and see for myself.  As she explained, Howie was energetic, in good spirits and even had the desire to play when I examined him.  He did not appear to be having any discomfort that I could see.  I decided to try to help Howie.  After 4 treatments Howie “decided” to jump up on the couch to snuggle with her. After 6 treatments, Howie was completely functioning and showed no evidence of his previous affliction. Howie lived happily and functioning for 2 more years, before passing away because of his age.  I considered that a very good example of how acupuncture can benefit even our four legged patients. Enjoy this article.