Toxic Teas?

Oftentimes, in areas with a dense Asian population, tea stores inside Chinatown shops serve as a place where herbalists will conduct their business.  They sell many of the same formulas that we use at WCAM, only they are serving them in the raw, natural state.  This isn’t a “bad” thing, in some instances.  However, the benefit of going to a clinic, instead of a location such as this, is the protection that is offered from the clinic itself.  In this article, at least two individuals were given almost deadly dosages of a plant known as aconite (Aconitum variegatum) or fuzi in Chinese. This plant is a member of the delphinium family, a very beautiful flower and also a very lethal poison.  There is no antidote for aconite poisoning and a very small amount can damage the heart and cause heart failure.  These people will probably have almost no recourse for their situations.  The main reason to go to a clinic and to speak with a licensed professional has more to do with your protection than anything else.  As a licensed medical professional we are required to have liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance.  This guarantees that any patient hurt by us will have the necessary means to help repair any damage that it caused.  Remember, if it looks shady, it probably is!